Specification Paper cup volume1


Paper cup size


Packing specifications2 Single box volume3


40 HQ loading cartons number4
4oz 118ml 62.0×46.0×64.0 25×20=500 pcs 0.037 921,500 pcs
8oz 250ml 80.0×56.0×90.0 25×20=500 pcs 0.062 546,000 pcs
12oz 360ml 90.0×60.0×110.0 25×20=500 pcs 0.073 466,000 pcs
16oz 480ml 90.0×60.0×135.0 25×20=500 pcs 0.089 382,000 pcs
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1. The volume of paper cups for the proposed volume of drinks, in millimeters (ml)

2. packing specifications for each cup paper only x packing number = total number of single box, only (pcs)

3 single box volume unit is cubic meters (m³)

4. The number of containers for a single specification 40HQ containers filled with the number of units (pcs)